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1 tarnishto taint, blacken (image, sb's reputation)
2 harnessto bring sth under your control
3 bereave (of)to deprive of sth or someone, to rob
(to be bereft of)
4 deprive (of)to rob, grab from sb
5 beseechto ask very eagerly, to beg
6 hostileunfriendly, inhospitable, opposed
7 ingenuityoriginality, inventiveness
8 beholdto look at, to see
9 praiseto cheer, to approve of, honour
10 get the hang ofto understand the technique of doing something
11 in favour ofto be chosen instead of sth another
12 betchato deal a bet
13 per capitaof or for each person
14 in the name ofin one's name of / from one's name
15 bona fidegenuine, real
16 genie a magic servant from a lamp
17 nifty clever, smart
18 forgery fraud, scamp
19 off duty not at work
out of duty
20 on dutyat work
21 plumfruit of a fruit tree
prunea dried plum (see gallery)
22 nemesisa rival, pest
23 pestan annoying, unwanted thing

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