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TOP is a very useful console application which can help you to monitor your computer's resources. Here is a collection of most used parameters for this app. To get to TOP, type its name in a terminal:


To navigate in the window, use arrow up/down keys or PgUp/PgDn.


  • l, m, t - use different modes to display information at the very top of the window;
  • k - kill the process (you can use scroll up/down to choose a process you want to kill);
  • to sort list of processes:
    • M - by memory;
    • P - by CPU usage;
    • N - by process ID;
    • T - by running time;
  • R - to reverse order;
  • o/O - to filter order by requested field (for example):
    • COMMAND=getty
    • !COMMAND=getty
    • %CPU>3.0
    • use “=” to drop all filters
  • c - to show full path for processes;

You can edit various settings for TOP in the file .toprc or press W in the main screen in order to save settings.

There is a very handy article on the Internet A Guide to the Linux “Top” Command to read more about main control options of TOP. Please, proceed to the next link.

Additional links:
load average - see
SIGTERM is 15 / SIGKILL is 9 - for k (to kill a process);

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